Red Ash: Burning Rights

A Curse of Coal and Contamination

When 12-year-old Todd Domboski felt the ground give way beneath his feet in the Pennsylvanian coal-mining town of Centralia on Valentine’s Day in 1981, he had no idea of what was to unfold. Since 1962, when a burn-off of landfill ignited the main coal seam beneath the town, numerous attempts at extinguishing the underground fire failed, raising questions whether authorities tried hard enough.  A conspiracy theory buzzed that the Government was buying out businesses and homes through eminent domain because once gone, billions upon billions of dollars of coal reserves would revert to the state. But less obvious at the time was that the Coal Ash used to suffocate the fire contained a witch’s brew of carcinogenic toxins. Each year, coal-fired power plants in the United States produce 140 million tons of hazardous Coal Ash, much of which is stored in over 1,100 sites throughout 45 states and is poisoning water resources. Red Ash: Burning Rights explores the vested interests of government, business, citizens, environment and public safety set against America’s hidden Coal Ash crisis.    Donate through Pozible...

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The Killing Field

You can’t change what you are

When a teenage girl goes missing in a country town, the ensuing search uncovers five bodies buried in a field.  Called in to investigate, a task force, hand-picked by Detective Senior Sergeant Lachlan McKenzie and headed up by Detective Eve Winter must determine whether the gravesite is a dumping ground for a killer traveling through or worse, that a serial killer is living among this tight knit community. What happens when a homicide task force embeds itself into a town?  What happens to the townspeople when they come under the forensic-like scrutiny of police?   What secrets are to be revealed when a town’s innocence is lost? The Killing Field explores the lives of the detectives living away from home and the people who are put under their microscope.  It examines how the process of detective work affects both the guilty and innocent.  ...

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The Johnsons

Just your average suburban crime family

Dave, Luke, Showbag, and Brick are four brothers, all from different fathers, living with their mother in the same somewhat rundown house in which they were born.  They survive purely on a life of crime.  Not massive stuff, but enough to keep a roof over their heads, some decent wheels in the garage, and an unlimited supply of beer in the fridge. The family is a force to be reckoned with and along with Luke’s twin sister Angelina, have a pretty tough reputation with the locals as well as the local law.  With their bloodline dating back to Seamus Johnson, the famous Irish pickpocket, some might say their criminal behaviour was predestined.  But if you ask the Johnsons, they’ll tell you they’re just trying to make a living like everyone else, albeit illegally.   The Johnsons is a black comedy about a crime family living the suburban dream....

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Pain is a state of mind

When Jakob Evans’ wife Gwen is tragically killed in a car accident he suffers an emotional breakdown. Having found Gwen in bed with another man just before her death, Jakob decides his only chance of closure is to find her lover so that he can comprehend what they shared.  With the help of Grace, a lost and troubled companion, Jakob starts to search for the pieces of the puzzle to lead him to his wife’s lover. But as Jakob’s obsession intensifies and his need for revenge strengthens, Jakob is forced to face his own personal failings, as Grace realizes all is not what it...

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